Three Reasons Why You Still Need Electrical Service In A Smart/Solar Home

24 April 2018
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It is somewhat humorous to hear people get excited about converting their homes into "smart homes" and then they find out that they still need electrical service. It is even funnier when they want to convert their homes to solar energy and realize that solar energy is converted into electricity. So, whichever of these projects you are attempting to do will still require electricity. Here is why you still need electrical services when you are converting your home into a "smart home" and/or converting to solar energy.

Solar Power Conversions Convert Energy

The primary purpose of solar energy is to collect solar energy and convert it to electrical power so that you do not have to rely on your local power company for electricity. You are generating your own power plant within your home with the solar panels you have installed. The sun's power is indirectly powering your electrical gadgets in your home. There is no other way to make the sun's rays power everything in your house that has a cord and requires electricity to function.

ALL Devices Still Require Electricity

All of your smart home devices require electricity. That smart thermostat needs electricity to power it before it can connect to the app in your smartphone. The voice-activated personal assistant devices in your home also require electricity. Your smart home door locks and alarm systems? Yup, even those need electricity. Nothing in a smart home conversion can run, operate, or connect without electricity. 

Even WiFi Devices Need Electricity

Your smartphone has a built-in battery. That battery has to be recharged by plugging the phone into the wall, where it receives a continuous flow of electricity. Your WiFi router has to be plugged into the wall before it can send and receive signals.

Some virtual assistant pods may be cordless, but even these need electrical batteries to operate. There is absolutely nothing in or about a smart home and/or solar home that does not need electricity. Therefore, you need an electrician's expert electrical services and skills to wire up your entire house before you can even begin to channel solar power and/or rely on whole-house smart home connectivity. 

Still Want to Make These Home Conversions?

Now that you understand that you cannot do away with electricity, and you still want to make these home conversions, you will need to call an electrician. Hire the one that gives the best quote and knows exactly what he/she is doing. Then you can begin to enjoy the benefits of these home conversions almost immediately.