3 Signs That It's Time To Call In An Electrician

28 November 2017
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Modern homeowners take electricity for granted. Many of the fixtures and appliances your family utilizes on a daily basis are powered by electrical currents. While electricity can provide a number of benefits, these electrical currents can become dangerous when they are not managed properly.

Here are three signs that you should be watching for within your home that could signal you need to call a licensed electrician to make repairs:

1. Your lights begin flickering.

Light fixtures draw only a very small amount of power, so unless you have faulty bulbs installed in your light fixtures, then flickering doesn't indicate a problem with the fixtures themselves. If your light fixtures suddenly begin to flicker, this could be a sign that too much electricity is being utilized by other appliances connected to the same circuit.

If left unaddressed, the overloaded circuit could become a serious fire hazard. Contact a licensed electrician to evaluate each of your home's circuits and determine if new circuits need to be added to accommodate major appliances to prevent electrical problems in the future.

2. Your outlets become warm during use.

You should be paying close attention to the temperature of your outlets when you have electronics or other devices plugged into them. An outlet that is functioning properly should remain at room temperature, but an outlet with failing wiring will become warm to the touch.

If you notice that your outlets are starting to get warm during use, contact an electrician right away. Your outlets will need to be rewired to prevent potentially serious electrical fires from damaging your home and compromising the safety of your family.

3. Your fuses blow or your circuits trip frequently.

Your home's electrical system is designed to take preventative action when it detects an abnormal surge of electricity running through an individual fuse or circuit. The fuse will blow, or the circuit will trip to stop the stray electrical current.

If you notice that your fuses are blowing or your circuits are tripping more frequently than usual, you should have an electrician evaluate your home's electrical system. The fuse or circuit could be overloaded, and an electrician will be able to add a new fuse or circuit to your home's electrical grid to help you safely access the electricity you need.

Being able to recognize some of the signs that your home's electrical system is compromised will help you determine when you should call upon the services of a licensed electric company like Street Brothers Electric to help keep your home safe in the future.