Three Ways To Light Up Your Backyard Without Overhead Lighting

27 June 2017
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If you have a fair amount of backyard space, you may want to set up your backyard to provide plenty of activity space. Whether you like backyard games such as soccer, space to sit around a fire pit, or space to cook and eat dinner, the first item that you must pay attention to is the lighting. If you don't have much space for overhead lighting, here are some ways to set up lighting in your backyard without having to build overhead shelters. 

Place a stand-alone electrical outlet

If you do not have many plugs in your backyard, it is a good idea to have a residential electrician, like the ones at Sun Coast Electric & Networking Inc, install some stand-alone electrical outlets. This will need to be installed by a professional electrician to be sure that it is stable inside of the ground and that the electrical plugs are in a proper space to remain active and in good condition. An in-ground electrical outlet will need to be run safely underground. Be sure that there are enough electrical outlets placed in different corners of the backyard or usable space. Be sure to have a heavy cover for the electrical outlet so that children cannot open the cover without help. 

Use string lights on the fence

One of the ways that you can avoid having overhead lighting but still have light above the ground is to use string lights around the fence. String lights on the fence will provide lighting around the perimeter of the backyard as well as above ground. Having string lights at the top of the fence will also discourage children and pets from attempting to jump to the top of the fence. Your string lights can feature large bulbs for bright lighting or they can be the same size as Christmas tree lights, which will offer a more dim glow. 

Set up mounted light posts in the walkways

If you and your family enjoy sitting out in the yard or if you have walkways and seating areas inside of the yard or if you have multiple seating areas in the backyard, mounted light posts are best. Mounted light posts can be hammered into the ground to remain in place. Use the posts to line the perimeter of any walkway or any seating area to give off good enough light to operate after the sun goes down., Small mounted light posts that are electrical or solar run will provide enough light to be safe but are just dim enough to only enhance the beauty of the moon and stars at night.