4 Tips To Help Your Restaurant Save On Electricity

21 February 2017
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Operating a restaurant isn't exactly cheap. This is true when it comes to everything from maintaining your food inventory to the money you spend each month on electrical usage. Finding ways to save money on the latter can offer some relief. If you want to keep your electrical costs lower, here are just some of the things you can do.

Upgrade Your Lighting

Particularly in your kitchen, consider upgrading the lights to light emitting diode bulbs, or LED. On the surface, these lights can generate a greater amount of illumination than traditional fluorescent bulbs. In terms of your electricity, first, these lights don't generate as much heat as fluorescent bulbs. This feature can keep your kitchen cooler, allowing you to rely less on your cooling system. Second, they don't use as much electricity as other bulbs. Less usage translates into less costs.

Turn Off Idle Equipment

If you have equipment in your kitchen that you don't use consistently throughout the day, go ahead and turn it off. Sure, having it on keeps you ready should a customer come in and place an order that requires the equipment as part of the preparation, but it's still consuming electricity unnecessarily. For instance, if you rarely use the fryer after the lunch rush until the dinner hour, simply unplug it. This simple step can yield noticeable savings over time.

Clean Your Equipment

When it comes to large equipment like dishwashers, ovens and even ice machines, regular cleaning of the equipment is very important. Take an oven, for example. When there is a buildup of food particles in the oven, this can lower its internal temperature. When the internal temperature is lowered, this increases the time it takes to cook your dishes. The longer the oven operates, the more energy it uses. Keeping the inside clean will help ensure a more accurate temperature level.

Know When to Upgrade

If your electrical panel hasn't been updated in a considerable length of time and you have made a number of upgrades over the years, it's a good idea to consider an upgrade if you want to save money. No, this upgrade won't directly impact your electrical bill, but it will save money. First, it decreases your risk for an electrical fire, as old, outdated panels pose an increased risk. Second, it lessens the possibility of damage to your equipment due to faulty wiring, which also saves you money.

Make sure you are applying these tips and partnering with a commercial electrician to keep your electrical costs lower.