3 Signs Your Power Meter Is Failing

17 February 2017
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As a homeowner, you probably pay close attention to your electric usage to prevent a bill that is out of control. However, even with your efforts, if your power meter is faulty or in need of replacement, your efforts could be for nothing. Learn some of the signs that could be a signal that it's time to have your power meter replaced. Here are some of the things you can look for.

Unexplained Bill Hike

You have a programmable thermostat, your a/c unit was just serviced, you haven't made any major electrical device updates and your usage habits have remained consistent, yet, each month your bill seems to increase.

When you have an increase in your bill, but your habits haven't changed, it might be time to look at your power meter as the source of the problem. A faulty meter can account for usage that never actually occurred, causing your bill to increase. At the very least have the meter inspected to ensure there isn't an issue.

Non-Stop Meter Movement

Another sign of a failing meter is a meter that doesn't ever seem to stop moving. For example, the meter seems to be at one level when you have the a/c unit running, four televisions operating, the outdoor lights running and the washing machine operating, but appears to be at the same level when all of these units are off.

This issue can definitely lead to a hike in your bill because the meter is basically reading usage that isn't really there. In this case, you need to have the meter inspected immediately or you will be facing an astronomical electric bill.

Warning Light

If you're walking outside and you see a warning light appear on your power meter, make sure you are not ignoring this. In some instances, warning lights are visible to the electric company and they may notify you of the error and in some instances, this is not the case so your watchful eye is important.

Whatever the scenario, this is not an issue to ignore because this is an indication that the power meter is not functioning correctly and could be producing a false reading.

If there is an issue with your power meter, the electric company will often send someone out to inspect the meter for you. If it is found that there is a problem with the meter, ensure you are having an electrician replace the meter as soon as possible, as your bill depends on it.