Reasons Why You Should Replace Your Toilet

8 February 2017
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With homeowners often looking for ways to save money, it can be difficult to spend money on a new toilet when you think that there is something wrong with it. The good news is that there are many cases in which you do not have to replace your toilet. The following are situations when it may need to be replaced.

Too Many Repairs

A lot of problems with a toilet can be repaired, such as if a toilet needs a new handle. However, if a toilet needs a large number of repairs, it may make more sense to simply purchase a new toilet. Find out the costs of each repair and add them together. If the cost of the toilet repairs is greater than the cost of replacing the toilet, it makes more sense to have the toilet replaced.

Too Many Clogs

Of course, if your toilet is clogged, you should not simply replace it. However, if the toilet frequently clogs and it is becoming a nuisance, it would then make sense to have the toilet replaced with one that will be clogged less often. It is time-consuming and not very enjoyable to have to frequently unclog toilets. While this may not be the best decision from an economic sense, it may be worth spending money simply to avoid the hassle and to save time.


If you regularly see a puddle of water around your toilet, this may be the result of a crack in the toilet. While some parts of the toilet can be replaced, if there is a crack in the tank, it would make more sense to have the entire toilet replaced.

If your toilet is constantly running, this is often a sign of a problem that can be solved without replacing the toilet. In many instances this is a result of a damaged flapper. Sometimes, the float needs to be adjusted. However, there are times when the constant running is the result of cracks or leaks. When this occurs, the toilet needs to be replaced.


Your toilet might simply be out of style. There are various toilet styles that now would make your bathroom look old fashioned. While there are many designer toilets, it is usually best to buy a neutral toilet that will not be embarrassing in the future since the toilet will always remain in style.


If a toilet becomes scratched, it will be harder to clean. Scratches cannot be removed, so it is better to simply replace the toilet if the scratched look bothers you.

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