How Can I Make My Pet Safer Against Electrical Shocks?

7 February 2017
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Many things in your home can be dangerous for a pet to get a hold of, and electronics are one of them. Thankfully, there are several ways to make your home more pet proof in terms of its electrical safety.

Get Your Home's Wiring Checked Out

If you have a curious pet, you can't always be around to stop your pet from pawing at an outlet or getting a hold of an electrical appliance. But what you can do is hire an electricial contractor to check out your home's electrical wiring and make sure that everything is safe. For example, if you've never had your home's electrical outlets tested, it's hard to be sure that your pet won't touch one and get shocked.

Get RCDs Installed

While your electrical contractor is at it, have them install residual current devices (RCDs). An RCD will instantaneously shut off the power to an electrical circuit when the device detects that something is off, such as when a pet chews through a wire and exposes the wiring. It's one way to keep your pet safe from a forceful shock that could severely injure them.

Keep Cords Away

You may also want to consider how you can keep your cords out of your pet's mouth or paws. This depends on the pet. If you think they are likely to pull on cords, you could use electrical tape to fasten them to a wall. Ideally, this would be in an area that's higher up and harder for your pets to reach. If you're more worried about pets chewing on the cords, seal them away in PVC piping.

Unplug Appliances When Possible

Try to keep your appliances unplugged when you aren't around and your pet has free reign of your home. There's much less risk of injury if the power source is not activated. The rules for unplugging devices are especially important for things like heaters and kitchen appliances with sharp parts that present an inherent danger to pets.

Be Vigilant

Finally, another part of pet safety with electronics is just to be vigilant. You may uncover new ways to make your pet safer as you go along. If your pet is especially curious about a certain wire or area of the home, then you can increase your electrical safety there. If you notice bite marks on certain types of wires, approach your electrician about how to make them more pet proof.

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