5 Reasons To Rewire Your Old Residential Electrical System

18 January 2017
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With the number of people buying, flipping and even living in older home purchased for extremely low prices, you might think that more homeowners would be willing to make upgrades just as soon as they took possession. Not all old homes need to be entirely rewired, but you should at least have your electrical system looked over by an electrician like Palmer Electric Inc. before taking up residence. Here are five important reasons your older home needs a new and efficient electrical wiring.

1. Better Heat Efficiency - Older homes don't just sell for less than newer constructions because they require cosmetic work. You can easily spend more on heating your older home than you do on the mortgage, if you are trying to keep it toasty warm when it gets cold outside. With some new windows, proper insulation and the help of your electrician, you can make your home more heat efficient.

2. Internet and Phone Stability - Although most people no longer use dial-up internet connections anymore, a stable and properly regulated residential electrical system can make the internet faster and more stable. The same goes for phone lines, especially when you plan on faxing documents. If you plan on streaming videos or getting digital cable service, you will definitely need to ensure that your home electrical panel is up to speed.

3. Lower Homeowners Insurance Rates - A home with a newer electrical panel and adequately tested wiring isn't just safer for whoever lives in it - homeowners insurance companies think they're pretty nifty, too. You can easily save enough on your home insurance rates to make a residential electrical upgrade totally worth the money spent.

4. Avoiding Code Violations - You can buy an older home at auction, or get lucky and make an offer to the existing owner so that a foreclosure sale can be avoided. For those who buy older homes, 'as is,' and without having proper home inspections before putting their names down on the deed, a whole cacophony of problems related to residential electricity can fall into your lap. Since you don't want to find out that your newly purchased home is uninhabitable because of severe residential code violations, you should have your electrician take out the old wiring and ensure that your house is safe to move into first.

5. Make It Easier To Build Onto Your Home - Should you ever decide to add an attached garage or even a new wing to your home, your building contractor may have a hard time completing the job if your home electrical system is old. An addition to your home could put a huge strain on your residential electrical system, causing the lights to flicker in room room when you switch on the lights in another. An unstable home electrical system make it so that you dread putting your key in the door instead of enjoying your house fully.