4 Methods for Saving Electricity in Your Bathroom

18 January 2017
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Your bathroom, one of the places in your home where water is most frequently used, is a prime suspect for energy wasting. You'll need to consider both directly used electricity (such as lights, plugged-in appliances like hairdryers, and water heating) as well as indirectly used energy (such as the energy used to process city water before it's delivered to your house). With this in mind, both water savings and direct energy savings can reduce your overall energy usage footprint. They'll both save you money as well, although reducing water usage may only decrease your water bill nominally.

Here are four steps for saving energy in the bathroom.

1. Use a low flow showerhead Installing aerators on your faucets to decrease the flow can help, but a low flow showerhead is probably the most important low flow item on the list. It can decrease the water usage of your daily shower by a significant amount. In addition, modern low flow showerheads don't have the inconvenience of feeling low-pressure or anything like that; they distribute water well enough that you'd never realize you were saving water.  

2. Choose cold water You don't have to take a cold shower every morning to save energy—although that would probably save a lot of water. However, you can choose to use cold water when you're brushing your teeth, washing your hands, and so on.  

3. Add toilet modifications If you install a simple tank modification, you can save gallons of water with each flush. In addition, next time you replace your toilet, you can choose to go with an Energy Star certified toilet to save even more water and money.  

4. Use ventilation fans properly The ventilation fan is a crucial tool for keeping humidity down and discouraging mold and mildew, so don't skip it.  But only leave it on as long as it's needed, and keep it functioning efficiently by vacuuming out the intake grill whenever it gets dusty or cobwebby. A clogged intake vent can reduce airflow, meaning that you'll have to leave the fan on longer to clear the air of steam.  

These four tips are some ideas to help you keep your bathroom more energy-efficient and thus eco-friendly. To learn more ways you can save money on your bathroom electricity, try contacting electrical services such as O Herren Electric Corp. You might have outdated items that are costing you more than necessary.