3 Questions To Ask Before Installing Under Cabinet Lighting

17 January 2017
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Light is more than just a well to illuminate a room. Lighting, such as under cabinet lights, can help to create a certain ambience in your kitchen. If you are considering under cabinet lighting, here are some considerations you should make before selecting the lights.  

Is Fluorescent or LED Better?

There are different types of lights from which you can choose, but fluorescent and LED lighting are two of the most popular. Both have their advantages and disadvantages that you should consider before making your final selection.  

Fluorescent lights are commonly used because they are cost-effective. However, the lights tend to give off considerable heat. If you do opt for this lighting, you need to be careful what items you place beneath them on your cabinets.  

LED lighting is a more expensive option, but it does remain relatively cool. If you are concerned with being energy efficient, you can save more using these lights than other types of lights. The cost of the lights can be offset by the savings that you will have from using them.  

Is Hardwiring the Lights Better?

You can opt to hardwire the lights or use a battery-operated or plug-in option. With a battery-operated option, you have to ensure that you keep the right batteries on hand to make changes when necessary. Although plug-in is a bit more convenient, you have to be concerned with where the cable is running. Too many cables running from the cabinets can be unsightly.  

By contrast, hardwired lights do not need their batteries changed and the electrician will ensure that there are no running cables or wires exposed. In addition to this, the lights can be placed anywhere. They do not have to be near an outlet to function. 

Should You Hire a Pro?

If you opt for hardwired lighting, you can find installation kits to help you install them. However, using the kit might not be in your best interests. If the lights are incorrectly installed, they could become a safety concern.  

By contrast, if you hire a professional electrician like Trilogy Electric LLC to install the lights, he or she can ensure the lights are installed properly. In addition to this, he or she can find ways to professionally hide the wiring so that you are able to achieve the aesthetic that you want. Without professional help, you could be left with a jumble of wires that take away from the overall effect that you desired.