Ways To Reduce Static Electricity In Your Home

16 January 2017
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Is there a light switch in your home that shocks you when you touch the screws on the switch plate? If so, you may need to call an electrician to replace the light switch for you; however, this is not always necessary. There are times when this can happen just from too much static in a house. If you think you are getting shocked from your light switch due to too much static in your home, there are steps you can take to reduce the amount of static present. Here are a few different things you can try.

Humidify your home

Static is something that is more prevalent during the dry, winter months, and it is often the result of really dry air. If you notice that the static in your home is bad during the winter, running a humidifier can be very helpful. A humidifier is a device that puts moisture in the air. Not only will this be handy for helping to reduce the static in your air, the extra moisture in your air might also help you prevent colds and dry skin issues.

Treat your carpet with anti-static treatments

A second thing you can do is use an anti-static treatment on all the carpet in your home. If your home has a lot of carpet in it, you may find that you feel shocks more frequently when you touch light switches in your home. This happens because of the static you will naturally get when you walk on carpet. This static is stored up energy found on the carpet, but it transfers to you when you walk across it. If you want to reduce the static in your carpet, use an anti-static treatment on your carpet. This treatment is often in the form of a spray that you can place directly on your carpet.

Use a static shock eliminator

You can purchase a small hand-held device called a static shock eliminator. When you are carrying this, it will drain off any electrical charges you may be carrying around. This will reduce the risk of getting shocked when you touch light switches or anything else.

These remedies can help you avoid getting shocked when touching light switches or other objects, but they will not correct problems with electrical devices. If your light switch is faulty, you will need to contact an electrician from a company like Richardson Charles E Electric to have the switch replaced if you want to avoid further shocks from the switch.