Three Signs You Need To Hire An Electrician To Inspect Your Home

16 January 2017
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As a homeowner, paying special attention to your electrical system is highly important because electrical fires are one of the leading causes of house fires. To avoid this, paying attention to your electrical system and knowing when you need to hire an electrician is highly important. Here are three signs that you should bring in an electrician to inspect your home and make repairs that may be necessary:

Circuit Breakers Trip

If the power turns on and off throughout your home or in certain parts of your home, you likely have tripped circuit breakers. This could be that there is too much power surging through your home. You should turn off any appliances that are not in use, such as computer monitors, televisions, or any motor-powered equipment, such as a baby rocker. Once you do this, you can reset the breakers. If the trip happens again, that's when you need to hire an electrician to come in to inspect your home. There's a chance that you may need to upgrade your circuit breaker. This isn't something that you should ignore since consistent trips can cause an electrical fire. 

Appliances Spark When Plugged In

If an appliance sparks when you plug it in, you need to turn off the power to that outlet or unplug the appliance so long as it is not smoking. This usually means that the plug is going to be hot, so you don't want to risk burning yourself. Instead, turn off the circuit to that outlet and call in an electrician. Your electrician will be able to tell if the problem was the appliance or the outlet. If it's the appliance, you either need to replace the appliance itself or the plug. If it's the outlet on the other hand, then you will need an electrician to replace it. 

A Switch or Outlet That Doesn't Work

Over time, switches and outlets can go out because they begin to suffer from wear and tear as they age. Replacing an outlet or fixing a switch should always be done by a professional electrician because they will be sure that it is done right. If a switch or outlet is not replaced correctly, there is a high chance that an electrical fire can start. When you hire an electrician for this, you should have them inspect all other switches and outlets just in case. 

When you know the three signs that you should hire an electrician for inspection, you can be sure that you know when it's important in order to prevent any chance of an electrical fire.