Three Reasons Why You Still Need Electrical Service In A Smart/Solar Home

24 April 2018
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It is somewhat humorous to hear people get excited about converting their homes into "smart homes" and then they find out that they still need electrical service. It is even funnier when they want to convert their homes to solar energy and realize that solar energy is converted into electricity. So, whichever of these projects you are attempting to do will still require electricity. Here is why you still need electrical services when you are converting your home into a " Read More 

Four Tips For Reducing Lighting Costs At Your Commercial Facility This Spring

1 March 2018
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You shouldn't underestimate the costs of supplying electricity to lighting fixtures at your  commercial facilities. There are a lot of things you can do to cut lighting costs around your facilities this spring. These money saving practices could significantly improve your bottom line by reducing utility costs.   The following are four tips to keep in mind this spring for reducing lighting costs at your commercial facility: Take advantage of natural lighting Read More 

Short On Cash, Jobless, And License About To Expire? Solutions For Electrical Contractors

28 December 2017
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Uh-oh. Your electrical contractor license is about to expire. Worse than that, you do not exactly have the money right now to pay for a renewal. Bigger problems on the horizon include a severe lack of work because you do not have a current license. You need solutions fast. Apply for an Electrical Contractor License Extension An extension of your contractor license will help you get over the hump of not having a license so that you can secure some work. Read More 

3 Signs That It’s Time To Call In An Electrician

28 November 2017
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Modern homeowners take electricity for granted. Many of the fixtures and appliances your family utilizes on a daily basis are powered by electrical currents. While electricity can provide a number of benefits, these electrical currents can become dangerous when they are not managed properly. Here are three signs that you should be watching for within your home that could signal you need to call a licensed electrician to make repairs: Read More 

Three Ways To Light Up Your Backyard Without Overhead Lighting

27 June 2017
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If you have a fair amount of backyard space, you may want to set up your backyard to provide plenty of activity space. Whether you like backyard games such as soccer, space to sit around a fire pit, or space to cook and eat dinner, the first item that you must pay attention to is the lighting. If you don't have much space for overhead lighting, here are some ways to set up lighting in your backyard without having to build overhead shelters. Read More